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Gründungsjahr: 2000




Dr. Almut Pflüger

Dr. Almut Pflüger


Dr. Almut Pflüger is a generally sworn and court-certified expert in market and opinion research, especially in legal research with regard to the law of unfair competition, trademark, antitrust and copyright law / research into legal facts. She is admitted to the bar in Germany.

Dr. Pflüger Rechtsforschung is mainly concerned with empirical legal research based on representative surveys among a cross-section of the population (or parts thereof) or among experts in order to determine their view on legally relevant matters for courts, national trademark offices, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), companies, lawyers, associations and ministries.

To this end, Dr. Pflüger Rechtsforschung prepares expert opinions based on its own survey concepts as well as expert opinions on third-party surveys. The focus of its work lies in the area of intellectual property protection / IP law on topics such as acquired distinctiveness / secondary meaning, well-known trademark, good reputation, misleading, confusion, competitive originality, damage causality, determination of the scope of private copies relevant to copyright law on storage media, definition of relevant markets as well as of substitution products from the perspective of the relevant public (antitrust law), etc. The studies are mainly based on face-to-face omnibus or special surveys, in rare cases also on telephone surveys, etc. Such expert opinions on legally relevant facts have been recognised as evidence within and outside Austria for decades.

Dr. Pflüger Rechtsforschung is active in Austria, in other European countries and beyond.

Dr. Pflüger has published extensively and gives lectures at home and abroad.