Who is a member of VMÖ?

Our approximately 300 members include persons from market and opinion research institutes, social research, companies (field researchers), field institutes as well as persons from agencies and media who are working with market research. 

VMÖ-Members are instutitute market researchers (two-third) and market researchers (around one thrid).

Benefits of the membership

Being a member of VMÖ has many advantages:

  • Platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience
  • Membership service of our VMÖ office
  • Events and lectures (free of charge for VMÖ members)
  • Socializing events, e.g. Christmas party, after-work-lounge
  • Seminars and Workshops (reduced price for VMÖ members)
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Co-determination of the interests of the professional groups at home and abroad
  • Get the latest information at our member area our our website
  • Job exchange (reduced for VMÖ members)

Membership fee

  • for regular members: EUR 120,- / per year
  • for student members: EUR 25,- / per year

Recording method

In order to be accepted as a member in the VMÖ, please download the application form (update_2021) or contact our office by email: sekretariat@vmoe.at or by post: VMÖ, Postfach 71/p.o.box 71, 1011 Wien/Vienna.

You need for the request for admission to the VMÖ a recommendation from a VMÖ member who does not belong to the board.

Please refer to the Articles of Incorporation for the guidelines on these recommendations

Contact details of the VMÖ Office:

Association of the Austrian Market Researchers (VMÖ)
Postfach 71, A-1011 Vienna

mail: sekretariat@vmoe.at
phone: + 43 699/10 23 07 64


Download: Application form for the membership

Download: ESOMAR-Codex (latest version)

Download: Statuten des Vereins Verband der Marktforscher