Partner Associations of the VMÖ


Verband der Marktforschungsinstitute Österreichs (VdMI):

The „Verband der Markt- und Meinungsforschungsinstitute Österreichs (VdMI)“ is a voluntary and independant association of Austrias most important marketresearch institutes. VdMI is a branch of VMÖ.

International Market Research Associations

Arbeitskreis deutscher Marktforscher (ADM)

The ADM Arbeitskreis Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforschungsinstitute e.V. is a business association which represents the interests of private-sector market and social research agencies in Germany. ADM members account for more than 80 percent of industry turnover. ADM is the only association of this kind in Germany.

Berufsverband deutscher Marktforscher (BVM)

The BVM has 1.600 members. This association offers many services for its members. BVM is the speaker of market research sector in germany. BVM also defines quality standards, supports professional qualification and sets public focus on appreciation of market and socialresearch to inforce sectors longterm success.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Online-Forschung (DGOF)

The German Society for Online-Research (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Online-Forschung e.V./DGOF) is an association specializing in online research. Online research is an extremely innovative research area comprising not only the classical fields of online research methods but also mobile and social media research.

Verband Schweizer Markt und Sozialforschung (VSMS-ASMS)

All swiss market- and social researchers and institutes are organizied in SWISS INSIGHTS. This associations has 300 members who are professionally engaged in research.


ESOMAR is the essential organisation for encouraging, advancing and elevating market research worldwide. Since 1948 ESOMAR’s aim has been to promote the value of market and opinion research in effective decision-making.

ESOMAR facilitates an on-going dialogue with its 4,900 members, in over 130 countries, through the promotion of a comprehensive programme of industry specific and thematic conferences, publications and best practice guidelines. ESOMAR also provides ethical guidance and actively promotes self-regulation in partnership with a number of associations across the globe.


Austrian Partners:

The following associations are partner of VMÖ in organizing events:

  • Finanz-Marketing Verband Österreich (FMVÖ)


  • Dialogmarketing Verband Österreich (DMVÖ)

  • HR Circle