On September 26th a meeting of the market research associations of the D-A-CH region took place in Berlin. Under the chairmanship of Robert Sobotka (VMÖ), Bettina Klumpe (Managing Director ADM), Drs. Frank Knapp (Chairman ADM), Olaf Hofmann (DGOF), Hartmut Scheffler (Managing Director TNS Kantar Germany) and Dr. Ing. Holger Mühlbauer (Managing Director TeleTrust) on quality assurance in market research.


The revision of the ISO 20252 standard includes the integration of ISO 26362 (Standard for Online Access Panels) into a comprehensive standard for market and opinion research. This comes into force after the international committees have passed in mid-2019. The committee decided to translate the standard into German. In addition, measures to disseminate the standard in the D-A-CH region were discussed.


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