VMÖ Workshop: Questionnaire creation and programming in practice

The design of questionnaires is one of the most important competencies in market research. Grammar and spelling are only the basis. Methodological wording, appropriate scaling and effect-neutral dramaturgy are the essential elements of a questionnaire that also measures what the researchers want to measure. Good literature is hard to find. Knowledge is mostly based on…


Review: The “Research & Results” Market Research Show 2018 in Munich

We had two great days in Munich at the Research & Results 2018. We met many national and international colleagues and made some new contacts, held interesting discussions, exchanged experiences, collected ideas, visited workshops and spent a very nice evening at the VMÖ Stammtisch at the “Alter Simpl”. We look forward to meeting you in…


Workshops for the market research business

Beginning in November 2018 the VMÖ will offer educational workshops for market researchers and opinion researchers once a month.   This practical training takes place only Fridays or/and Saturdays.   The program can be found on our website VMÖ Academy.   Lecturers are Austrian experts in their field of expertise.   Information can be requested…


Review ESOMAR Congress Berlin

From September 24th to 26th, the 71st ESOMAR Congress took place in Berlin. For three days, the global community came together to discuss and celebrate under the headline “Brilliance”, the same in the market research industry. It was striking that not a single talk at this congress or even a session whined once – not…


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